Essential Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners

By Patrick Young

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Running a small business can be stressful, especially for those in the black community. Sadly, black entrepreneurs still face a number of unique challenges. CBC News reports that black business owners lack access to valuable mentorship opportunities and have a hard time securing funding. It’s no surprise that minority entrepreneurs are stressed.

Entrepreneurs tend to neglect self-care due to heavy workloads and tight deadlines. However, making time for self-care is essential for coping with the stress of business ownership and achieving work-life harmony. Here’s how to work self-care into your busy schedule!


Confront Business Stress Head-On


Developing a problem-solving mindset is a great way to confront stress. What resources and skills can you leverage to tackle the challenges you’re currently facing? For example, if you’re stressed about covering your business expenses during a period of slow sales, look for funding opportunities that can help keep your cash flowing in the right direction.

Ownr suggests looking for industry-specific small business grants. Some potential grants and funding programs for Canadian businesses include the Youth Employment Skills Program, Tourism Relief Fund, and Business Retrofit Program. Because preparing grant applications is a lot of work, try to pick grants that are tailored to your specific need or market to maximize your chances of success.


Delegate and Outsource


Time constraints are another source of stress for entrepreneurs. With so much to do every day, it’s hard to find time for self-care. Stop trying to do everything yourself! Get comfortable delegating tasks to employees and outsourcing extra work to freelancers. For example, if you run an ecommerce store, Shopify recommends outsourcing content marketing, web development, warehousing, fulfillment, and administrative tasks. Outsourcing will keep your business running as efficiently as possible!

Reframe Your Stress


While you may be able to reduce some of your stress through problem-solving, there’s a good chance you still experience some daily stress. This is a good opportunity to reframe your stress! Try to change your perspective of stress so it no longer holds you back but motivates you to move forward. Remember that stress isn’t always bad. Sometimes, getting fired up can help you think more clearly, take decisive action, or otherwise perform at your best. Try to see demanding situations as challenges to overcome instead of threats to hide from.


Optimize Your Workouts


Don’t forget to make time for your physical health as well. Regular exercise can have a significant impact on your overall stress levels, but also your energy, sleep quality, mood, and more. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day to enjoy the benefits of a good workout. If you’re short on time, optimize your workouts with high-intensity exercises. Engaging in the occasional HIIT workout is a great way to exercise without dedicating a lot of your time to physical fitness.


Keep Healthy Snacks on Hand


Finding the time to eat healthy meals can also be challenging for entrepreneurs. Try to discourage yourself from snacking on unhealthy treats by keeping healthy snack options on hand. Some super easy and nutritious snacks include nuts, fresh fruit, chips and salsa, veggies and hummus, yogurt, hardboiled eggs, and granola. Grabbing healthy snacks will keep your brain and body properly fueled so you can run your business to the best of your abilities!

When your work involves a lot of stress, dedicating time to self-care is essential. Entrepreneurs can enjoy a wide range of benefits by incorporating more elements of self-care into their daily lives. By prioritizing the health of your mind and body, you’ll be able to combat stress, feel in control, and achieve a better work-life balance.

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