Proactive Approaches to Living Your Best Post-Pandemic Life

By Patrick Young

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended all of our lives in one form or another. Some changes have been trying, while others have opened new doors to opportunities we never knew existed before. For many, it’s a chance to reevaluate our families, our lifestyles, and our careers with an eye toward the future. If you’re struggling to reach your potential or improve your overall well-being, these tips from Irie Herbz Apothecary can make a world of difference.

Remote Work

If the pandemic has led you to want to find a remote work opportunity, now is the time to put your resume out there. But if you haven’t updated your resume in a while, it can be intimidating to take the first step. Use a free resume template to get started. You’ll be able to create a standout resume quickly, which will catch the eye of recruiters.

If you were fortunate enough to keep your job during the pandemic, you likely have many, “yes, but” situations at play. You may be struggling to access and use new technology and software programs to effectively work from home. Finding adequate workspace may also be an issue, particularly if you didn’t have a home office or dedicated workspace pre-pandemic.

Managing time, being productive, and staying connected to colleagues can all be challenging. The upside is, you’ve likely learned all kinds of new technical skills that can aid you in your career. Many employers are also recognizing how productive their staffers have been working remotely and are considering flexible schedules moving forward. This has the potential to create a healthier and more enjoyable work-life balance.

Pandemic Parenting

If you are one of the many parents trying to balance working from home with managing young babies and toddlers, hats off to you for your patience! While this feat has taken superhuman dedication on the part of parents everywhere, it’s not without some upsides. Consider this: you’ve had the opportunity to model grace for your kids. According to Very Well Family, patience and task-management skills are important life lessons that will stay with your family long after the pandemic ends.


If you lost your job or you’ve seen your hours and income drastically reduced, you might use this point in time to re-evaluate what you want to do from a career standpoint in the future. Making connections through your professional network can be another good move for finding job leads, as can getting in touch with the career counseling center of your alma mater. There’s likely to be significant competition in the job market, but things appear to be turning around, so positioning yourself for success now will allow you to hit the ground running

Staying Healthy

Quite a few people have put on some “pandemic pounds,” due in large part to comfort cooking and binge-watching streamed media. If you’re one of the few who bought a treadmill at the start of quarantine and are now ready to run a marathon, good for you! If you’re like the rest of us, it’s time to reassess our overall health and our fitness and nutrition routines.

We all need to move from fatty salty snacks and wearing a path in the living room carpet to taking charge of health with lifelong wellness planning. Make an effort to add at least 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine, and start embarking on a healthy eating regime. According to Healthline, avoid trendy diets, and instead, start eating whole foods and fresh produce to get yourself back into top form.


It’s probably been tough to focus on self-care. Start getting outside more often, even if it’s just to get some exercise and fresh air. Create time where you take part in guided meditation, read positive affirmations, or start a gratitude journal to remind yourself of the positive things in your life. Make your home a more positive space by decluttering, cleaning it top to bottom, and opening your curtains and blinds. If you can’t shake feelings of despair or anxiety, reach out to your healthcare provider and ask for help.

The pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for all of us. It’s time to take stock of where we are, make plans for the future, and chart a course of action to move into the next phase of a happy and fulfilling life!

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