IHA Affiliate Marketing Program

Would you like to earn extra cash by promoting our products?

When you sign up for the IHA Affiliate Marketing Program, you will customize a personal discount code (or coupon) for 20% off.

You will give this coupon to anyone you meet. When they use the code to buy our products, you will automatically get a 10% commission.

There are 2 ways a customer can make a discounted purchase:

1. You give them your discount code and they can shop using the public link to our website.

2. You give them a referral link (shown in your profile). When they make a purchase, the discount will be automatically calculated at checkout. 

Your commission will be automatically paid to you when the customer makes a purchase through both of these methods. 

The more products customers buy, the more money you make! You can also let them know that if they spend $85 or more, they will get free shipping to the US and Canada.

We are not an MLM scheme. 

We are an online retail company ONLY. You do not make money by recruiting people to our program. You only make a commission from the sale of our products. We will NEVER ask you for payment.

Here is the link to our Affiliate Marketing Program. You can create your profile to get started.

You can also track your progress on our mobile app! Download it here:

App Store

Google Play

Enter this store ID when you login to the app so you’ll have access to your account: 135590

Please share our social media link with your customers so they can connect with us if they have any questions.


Instagram: @irie_herbz_apothecary

Twitter: @IrieHerbz

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the “Contact Us” link.